This series initially started with the mixed reality experimentation with a traditional game of ‘Pong', where the virtual ball bounces within the physical boundaries of the wall.

For this game, we selected the wall which housed the railing of the stairway as the game arena. The profile of the stairway acted as a boundary for the virtual ball to bounce back.

Players were provided with a wired glove which controlled the paddle for hitting the ball. The wired glove connected to a single board microcontroller prototyping platform- Arduino and sensors such as triple-axis Accelerometer, single-axis MEMS Gyroscope and Force Sensing Resistor . The game interaction is achieved by programming in an open source programming language – Processing 1.2 and projected using projection mapping techniques - Autodesk Maya.

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Other works in the series:
Playful Interaction Series

About the series:
A series of interactive installations trying to enhance the experience of an architectural space.
Through such installations, we have the opportunity to interact with the walls to add a new meaning to a cold and insignificant spaces. These installations showcases how interactivity can be explored for opening up new possibilities to create more immersive and playful experiences.

Initially started with a classroom project in 2010 - FRAMEWORKS, and in over time we have tried exploring the same concept in various places to generate meaning to a place. Below are projects which showcases such an playful environment.

This project is In collaboration with Sures Kumar