Design of Nokia My Account for Phones

We wanted to develop an omni-channel platform, which would cater all needs and requests related to user account and orders in one place.

We wanted to design a channel that would cater:

1. To design the user account page, keeping in mind usability, accessibility to different links and sections like orders, device information, profile information, repair and support related information, related links that one would like to get access to.

2. To create a consistent and homogenous user experiences for the Nokia phone users, so they feel all their needs has been met.

This phase was in collaboration with Reaktor
Project from Adventure Club
Client: HMD- Home for Nokia phones
Project Manager: Niklas Tirkkonen
service & UX : Promila Roychoudhury
UI & Art Director: Hannu Nieminen
UX/UI Development: Reaktor Development team

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